Thursday, 5 April 2007

Fact: DO NOT refer our club as Man U


Have you noticed that quite a number of United fans refer Manchester United as Man U. Do you know that calling United as Man U is like calling an African American nigger. (just an example, no offence to the African American). This is the information taken from official United forum under the legend thread.

Right Folks here we go once again and for all....... Man U is not a term real/ true United fans refer themselves to... Why??? This term is mostly only used by other supporters as a complete and utter insult. In case anyone on this board is not aware rival supporters used to sing a song about Munich and it goes Man U Man U went on a plane Man U Man U never came back again... Now if thats not getting your blood boiling nothing will..I started this thread way last year because after being on the board for some time I found more and more people refering to us as THAT name. We are UNITED, MAN UTD, MANCHESTER UNITED, RED DEVILS. We do not have any songs with THAT name in them nor will you be able to buy any official merchandice using that term, it is not printed on any scarves or badges, also I was at the Reading game and there is no way did that song ring out around the ground. Now I have been a "United" supporter all my life I am 44 and have never used that phrase to describe the name of my team. It even has annoyed me to write about the song with the name in it, but thought I had to just to get my point over to people who have never heard it (real United fans forgive me please ) You don’t use the phrase Man C Leeds U Aston V etc etc So dont use M** *. Like the song goes Theres Only One United so people will know who you support when using this term..All said whenever someone calls us M** * I simply correct them.. And I think this should be implimented on this board..So come on lads lets educate the ones that need it and keep That name away form our club and this board..The term Utd is the proper abbreviation for the word United and nothing else..Why can some people not just accept this and getover themselves....and if anyone can remember the Scousers chanting and it pains me even to type this but for educations sake.

Man U Never Intended Coming Home (notice the first letter of each word from the phrase means MUNICH)

Hope true United fans will stop refering United as Man U


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Anonymous said...

Referring to United as Man U is hardly like referring to an African American as the "n" word. That is a fairly silly comparison given that we are speaking about a sport club, and not a group of people who were persecuted and enslaved because of their skin color. I'm an African American (Liverpool) fan, and you really should reconsider taking positions like that as they remove any doubt regarding your mental prowess.